Thursday, September 8, 2011

Café 640

Cafe 640
640 North Highland Ave
Atlanta, GA 30306

• Category: 1st Date Spot
• Cuisine Type: American
• Fabulosity Ranking: 4/5
• Price: $$
• Best Dish: Andy's Burger

One of my favorite parts of Atlanta is the eclectic Poncey/Highland district. This festive and fun area is sprinkled with tons of trendy and tasty restaurants that are perfect for casual evening dates. Café 640, is one of the newest additions to North Highland’s culinary attractions. You may be familiar with Café 640 as it was previously called Café Di Sol, but this cute restaurant has been revitalized and is now debuting with a new name! I really like Café 640 because they offer a variety of weekly specials that are absolutely perfect for the budget conscious crowd!! (Every Monday Café 640 features a buy one get one free burger special! You can’t beat that deal! ) As soon as I walked into Café 640, I knew this was no ordinary café. The patio glitters with sparkling lights and candle lit tables in order to create the perfect ambiance. Upon our arrival my guest and I were immediately greeted by Chef Andy Long, whose name you may remember from Battle of the Burgers, a burger lover festival in Virginia-Highlands. To begin our dining experience Chef Andy recommended we try two of Café 640’s best cocktails. I sampled the award winning Grapefruit Rosewater Martini ($8.00) which was brisk, refreshing and garnished with a fresh slice of juicy grapefruit. My guest enjoyed a Joe’s Hard Root Beer ($8.50). This was her first experience with soda infused with alcohol, so she was excited to try it out! After our cocktails we moved on to sample several items from Café 640’s appetizer menu. We started with the House Chips ($6.00) which are Idaho potato chips covered with gorgonzola cheese crumbles and a Sriracha Thai hot sauce. This dish is not overly filling and perfect for sharing. We also tried Café 640’s Crisped Calamari ($8.50) which is a large serving of hand cut calamari topped with a sweet citrus chili sauce. Next we feasted on the Ropa Veija ($9.00) which is a collection of red tortilla chips topped with sliced braised flank steak and cilantro sour cream. Super yummy! Our last appetizer selection, the Sauteed Mussels ($9.50) was my favorite! This dish is a bowl of fresh mussels served with a grilled baguette to dip into the simmering red curry broth. For our main dishes we decided upon the Andy Burger ($11) and the Roasted Chicken entree ($16). There are a ton of specialty burgers offered at Café 640 but I knew that any burger named after the chef had to be amazing so I just had to order the Andy Burger! The burger proved to be juicy and irresistible! It was a thick patty of Angus ground beef chuck topped with garlic aioli and herb-roasted Shiitake mushrooms, this dish is a must try! The Roasted Chicken entrée is a seasoned half chicken featuring a zesty vegetable medley (corn, peppers, and red onions) doused in a Mexican chorizo and garlic jus. To complement our chicken we ordered a side of the Truffle Mac n’ Chz ($5.00). Y’all know I am a macaroni and cheese connoisseur and Café 640’s gets my seal of approval. To top the night off my guest and I sampled the cranberry walnut Bread Pudding ($5.00) in a warm whiskey cream sauce topped with vanilla ice cream as well as the Brownie Sunday ($7.00) which was drizzled in chocolate and caramel sauce and topped with a heap of vanilla ice cream and spiced walnuts. I love dessert and was really pleased with Café 640’s selection. The next time you are looking for a casual dinner date in a fun environment, I highly suggest Café 640. The ambiance is perfect and the food will not leave you disappointed!

Until Next Time....Eat Your Out!

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