Monday, August 1, 2011

LeRoy's Fried Chicken

1021 Howell Mill Road NW
Atlanta, GA 30318
(404) 872-7888

Category: Casual Lunch Date
Cuisine Type: Fried Chicken
Fabulosity Ranking: 2/5
Price: $$
Best Dish: Macaroni & Cheese 

New restaurants are continuously popping up across Atlanta. One of the city's newest additions is LeRoy's Fried Chicken.  Located on Howell Mill Rd right across from Chow Baby and La Fonda, LeRoy's Fried Chicken is a creative takeout only chicken stand that gives off a classic retro vibe with its old school sign and menu. The menu offers Fried Chicken by the (2,3,4,6,8) piece, a chicken liver sandwich, and a fried chicken salad. I came with a two friends so we decided to combine our order and get the 8 piece chicken meal ($19.95) with our choice of 4 drumsticks, 2 wings and 2 breast. In addition we sampled the Mac n' Cheese ($2.95) and Collard Greens ($2.95) as our side items. We also added on 4 Biscuits (.75/each) to our order. My total bill came out to be roughly $31.00, and for someone who is constantly on a budget I have to admit LeRoy's Fried Chicken is not friendly to your pockets. If I were to come alone and order the cheapest meal option 2 piece ($5.95),1 side ($2.95) and a drink ($1.75) I would already be starting at a good $10.65 without tax. That's a little much for fried chicken and my student pockets. The customer service at LeRoy's Fried Chicken was great. Chef Julia LeRoy came out to speak with guest and was extremely pleasant. There are only 3 patio tables at LeRoy's and since the Atlanta sun spares no-one my group and I decided to pack up our food and head home. When we sat down to enjoy our meal my friends immediately mentioned that they were unimpressed by the lack of seasoning on the chicken. The portions were big, but the flavor was low. I suggest LeRoy's Fried Chicken revisit the drawing board and design a new spice concoction for their staple menu item (maybe a little more salt, hot sauce, hell you might event want to add a dash of Lawrys). I personally enjoyed the Mac n' Cheese side dish as well as the fluffy biscuits. The collard greens were, "different" for a lack of better words. I love the concept of LeRoy's Fried Chicken and I think the restaurant has a future if they revitalize their menu a tad, and add more of a southern flare to their secret recipes. 

Until Next Time....Eat Your ♥ Out!

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