Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Botekim Brazilian Bistro

Botekim Brazilian Bistro
1410 Terrell Mill Rd SE 
Marietta, GA 30067
(678) 402-7584

Category: Romantic Evening
Cuisine Type: Authentic Brazilian
Fabulosity Ranking: 4/5
Price: $$
Best Dish: Vaca Atolada

Have you ever had authentic Brazilian food? I'm not talking about Fogo de Chao or any of the other "Brazilian Steakhouses" sprinkled across the United States.  I'm talking about fresh brazilian cuisine full of yucca potatoes, malagueta peppers and braised meats. Well if the answer is no, I highly suggest you check out Botekim Brazilian Bistro. This new restaurant offers you all of the flavors and culture Brazil has to offer. It's elegant decor and pleasant staff sets a relaxing and romantic ambiance for you and a guest to enjoy. I had the opportunity to dine at Botekim Brazilian Bistro last week and have to admit that the only thing I perviously knew about Brazilian food was the likes of the popular steakhouses like Fogo de Chao. My previous brazilian experience left me uncomfortably full due to the "serve all the meat your customers can eat" concept of the restaurant. I was hoping my experience at Botekim Brazilian Bistro would be different and it surely was! My guest and I started our meal with the Tabua Mista ($16) which was a plate of cheeses and cold cut meats. I am a huge fan of cheese so I was delighted to see that this platter came with an assortment of cheeses, cured meats, pickles, gorgonzola mousse, chicken liver pate, jam and toast points. The plate was big enough to share with a party of four, so if you are looking for a traditional alternative to an appetizer I highly suggest trying this dish. My guest and I continued our meal with 2 "Aperitivos" appetizers. I selected the Croquetes de Carne ($6) which was a large serving of braised beef croquettes lightly fried and served on top of a dijon mayo sauce. We also tried the Bolinho De Aipim Com Carne ($7) which were small balls of yucca fritters, ground beef, and sweet malagueta pepper sauce. Both were delightful but if you have to choose between the two I recommend the Croquetes de Carne. For our main dish my guest and I sampled the Vaca Atolada ($22) and the File De Peixe A Belle Meuniere ($12). Vaca Atolada is a braised beef rib dish served on top of yucca potatoes. The beef rib was the most tender meat I have ever tried. I didn't even need a knife to cut the entree. Chef Alex Degrossi informed me that the Vaca Atolada is marinated for hours in a special sauce that ensures the meat is tender and flavorful. I thoroughly enjoyed my dish and will order it again when I return. My guest's selection : File De Peixe A Belle Meuniere was the fish of the day (a sauteed flounder) served with meuinere sauce and mashed potatoes. I was able to sneak a taste of his dish and it was scrumptious. The fish was sauteed to perfection and the sauce added a unique flavor. To accompany our entrees we both ordered a Caipirinha ($7) which is the traditional Brazilian cocktail. Caipirhnhas feature Cachaca Pitu alcohol which is native to brazil and the speciality cocktail come in flavors like Lime, Strawberry or Kiwi. To top the night off  I had to sample some of the desserts (and when I say sample I mean order 3 different "sobremesas"). My guest didn't really have a sweet tooth so I went ahead an indulged in all my favorites selecting the passion fruit Mousse De Maracuja ($7), the Banana Flambada ($7), and the Mousse De Chocolate ($7). All of these delicious treats were amazing and I highly suggest the Banana Flambada which was a large serving of Banana flambe and vanilla ice cream - perfect for sharing! My experience at Botekim Brazilian Bistro was spectacular. The food and friendly service has me dying to visit Brazil! If you are in the mood for a festive and flavorful meal I suggest you check out  Botekim Brazilian Bistro it will not leave you disappointed!

Tabua Mista



Croquetes de Carne

Bolinho De Aipim Com Carne

Vaca Atolada 

File De Peixe A Belle Meuniere

Mousse De Chocolat

Mousse De Maracuja
Banana Flambada

Until Next Time....Eat Your ♥ Out!

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