Thursday, July 14, 2011

Smashburger Atlanta

2625 Piedmont Rd.
Atlanta, GA 30324
(404) 237-2374

Category: Casual Lunch Date
Cuisine Type: Burgers
Fabulosity Ranking: 4/5

Price: $
Best Dish: Atlanta Burger

                  How do you like your burger? Most like it well done, but have you ever had your burger smashed? Smashburger is Atlanta’s newest burger sensation! This trendy new restaurant uses a special smashing method combined with the perfect amount of seasoning and “a little magic,” to bring you one of the tastiest burgers in Atlanta! I had the pleasure of attending a blogger event for the grand opening of the restaurant and got to learn the techniques (which I am not at liberty to give you) from Tom Ryan, the founder of Smashburger. I made sure to try as much food as I possibly could when I visited Smashburger. I can never get enough bacon, so I ordered the BBQ, Bacon, and Cheese Smashburger ($5.99), with BBQ sauce, applewood smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, and haystack onions first. As a side dish I ordered the Sweet Potato Smashfries ($1.99), tossed with rosemary, olive oil and garlic. The burger and fries came out in no time and was extremely tasty! The smashing technique allows for all of the juices to stay in the burger so you don’t get that dried up cookout burger everyone hates so much. At Smashburger you also have the choice of creating your own burger starting at $4.99 for a 1/3 lb burger & $5.99 for a 1/2 lb burger. You can then top your burger with your choice of 5 different cheeses, 6 different veggies, 6 different sauces, and 3 different buns. Don't forget to add 1 of the 11 specialty toppings like garlic sautéed mushrooms, fried pickles (if you’re into that), fried egg, or fresh avocado to name a few. For those who don’t eat red meat Smashburger also offers specialty chicken sandwiches. During my visit I tried the Spicy Baja Smashchicken sandwich ($6.99), topped with pepper jack cheese guacamole, lettuce, tomato onion, chipotle mayo, and fresh jalepenos on a chipotle bun. This sandwich defiantly had a kick, but if you love spicy food this is your sandwich! I ordered my chicken sandwich with a side of crispy haystack onions, which are thinly sliced and served with a great dipping sauce. Each Smashburger location has a few items on the menu that are unique to the city it’s in, so I couldn’t leave without trying an Atlanta Dog ($3.99) with Wicked Pimento cheese, grilled jalapeños and Vidalia coleslaw. Smashburger also features an Atlanta Burger with peach barbecue sauce, Wicked Pimento cheese, grilled jalapeños, and Vidalia coleslaw on an egg bun. For all of our vegetarian readers Smashburger also offers fresh Smashsalads on their menu. Smashburger serves beer by the bottle or the bucket (4 bottles) at only $2.99 a bottle, and wine. They also have rich Haagen-Dazs Milkshakes and floats if you want to indulge your sweeter side. I really enjoyed myself at Smashburger and definitely recommend you check it out if you’re looking for a casual place to grab lunch. If you are looking for a nice juicy burger, chicken sandwich, or even an original hot dog at fast food speed, but gourmet taste, Smashburger is where you should be.  

Until Next Time....Eat Your ♥ Out!

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