Monday, May 30, 2011

Museum Bar

181 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd., SW
Atlanta, GA 30312

  • Category: Brunch, 1st Date Spot
  • Cuisine Type: Southern
  • Fabulosity Ranking: 5/5
  • Price: $
  • Best Dish: Red Velvet Pancakes

Museum Bar is exactly what Atlanta needed! A versatile and sexy restaurant that also features a bakery (where you can purchase CamiCakes!), three lounges and a nightclub. Museum Bar is conveniently located near Turner Field and the Atlanta University Center and is open for brunch on Sundays as well as dinner Tuesday-Saturday. I had the opportunity to dine at Museum Bar during Brunch and was highly impressed at how large the restaurant was. The owners of Museum Bar renovated the original Stephen's Missionary Baptist Church and have modernized it with sleek stone walls and sexy gothic columns all encased in the restaurant's 30 foot ceilings. Talk about spacious! There are 3 levels each with its own custom bar. The main dining room being on the second, while the top floor boasts a large and spacious lounge area with a bar for patrons to enjoy cocktails and conversation. The bottom floor of the establishment is a swanky nightclub featuring a dance floor and stage for artists to perform. Museum Bar is the perfect fusion of food and entertainment all wrapped into one beautiful venue. You may be familiar with Museum Bar's executive chef Jason Ellis. Dubbed "The Chef of Atlanta" Mr. Ellis was a contestant on Fox network's hit show Hell's Kitchen and has also attended culinary school in Berlin, Germany. I have to admit Mr. Ellis is extremely talented, not only is he charming he is also has a creative edge that allows him to whip up succulent specialties in the kitchen. My girlfriend and I joined Mr. Ellis and his staff for Sunday Brunch and I just had to order the house specialty Red Velvet Pancakes ($8) that were drizzled with cinnamon roasted pecans, cream cheese butter and maple syrup. Have you ever heard of a better combination?? The pancakes were delightful and I highly suggest trying them when you visit Museum Bar. I also added a side of Turkey Bacon ($3) to my meal. My guest ordered the Fish & Grits ($12) which was comprised of two pieces of seasoned Tilapia fried crisp and served with creamy season grits. We also decided to share an order of the Fried Green Tomatoes ($3). My girlfriend who clearly has a deep love for fried green tomatoes was saddened to learn that the side dish was not accompanied with a red pepper sauce. But to our surprise Chef Ellis came to our table to discuss a sauce that might appeal to our taste buds. My friend told him exactly what she was looking for and within 20 min he had whipped up an amazing sauce for us to dip our fried green tomatoes in. I was truly impressed at his creativity and eagerness to please his customers. The dinner menu at Museum Bar offers a wide range of delicious items including Garlic Calamari ($12), Lobster Tacos ($12), Bourbon Cedar Wood Salmon ($18) and more. I cannot wait to return to Museum Bar and try some of these tantalizing dishes. If you attend school in the Atlanta University Center you DEFINITELY need to visit Museum Bar. It is exactly what our neighborhood needed and delivers a high class environment with exceptional cuisine. I will surely be back to Museum Bar and maybe next time I'll enjoy a cocktail at their legendary vodka bar!

Until Next Time....Eat Your ♥ Out!

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    It was a church that was converted into a restaurant. You can tell that the idea was there, but they ran out of money towards the end as decor looks half finished and empty.

    And, in fact, I wasn't going to waste my time writing a review about this incident, but days later, after my horrible Birthday experience at the Museum Bar, highlighted chiefly by my final encounter with the so-called owners, Darrell Smith and Erlene whatever her last name is, I feel compelled as if it is my God given duty to warn Atlantans about this place!

    I organized my 40th birthday dinner party with both owners Daryl and Erlene 6 weeks before my event. I should have followed my gut instincts as I was very disturbed with the lack of professionalism on my initial visit, notably the rudeness of Erlene, the co-owner. I then had a second follow up visit with a good friend of mine as we met with their Event Planner to ensure that things would run smoothly on my birthday party night. She was a great improvement to Erlene and seemed very nice. She assured me that everything would be fine so I solidified the date for my evening party.

    Later that evening, to my dismay, upon arriving early at my birthday party, I discovered that the table "reserved" for my 30 guests, as the Event Planner and I had previously discussed, had not been set up. I calmly asked to speak to the Event Planner to which I was told she wouldn't be there that night and that my guests would have to sit in the pews which I had specifically stated to the owners that it wouldn't be appropriate and it wouldn't be able to accommodate all my guests. I was then told that in order for me to have dinner with my guests, I would have to pay $250 just to sit down. Surprise, Surprise!

    I felt dishonored and bamboozled as no one ever mentioned $250 fee, and now to do this at the very moment of my party seemed like blackmail. At this point, I was angry and disgusted at the audacity of the Museum Bar staff pulling this stunt and demanding $250 for my guests to merely sit down comfortably as the fee did not include any appetizers or drinks.
    Next, the waitress had the audacity to pour salt on the wound by informing me, the birthday girl, that if I didn't want to sit there or pay $250, then I could leave. If that is not rude, I don't know what is. At that point, I asked to speak to both owners to which replied that they had left for the evening. That in itself was a lie as I saw Darrell Smith and Erlene upon entering the restaurant. In fact, they were hiding in their office at the back and refused to come out to give me an explanation. Their plan all along was to spring this on me the day of my party, and coerce me to pay $250 because they are so starved of money. The $250 is not the issue here, either. It's the lack of character and integrity that this establishment has neither.

    It was a no-brainer, we left.

    I have to say this: I was trying to give business and support to an African American establishment and this was the reception and thanks I got?? I had been forewarned not to have my 40th birthday dinner party there, but I wanted to give the Museum Bar the benefit of the doubt.

    Darrell Smith and Erlene are the two most unprofessional, despicable, rude, greedy, classless, unscrupulous individuals who have the audacity to think that the can run a restaurant business treating patrons with such disdain. And because of this I am sorry to say, the Museum Bar will not prosper. It's only a matter of time... you reap what you sow. How could you do that to someone on their birthday, Darrell Smith and Erlene? That's lousy. Shooting music videos will not keep your business open for too long.

    I give the Museum Bar a year if that.. and then, back to being a church again - hallelujah!


  2. I went to Museum Bar this past weekend to celebrate my 25th birthday, as I had been excited to try this spot. I arrived at the restaurant for my reservation and it took them 30 minutes to seat us, while there was an open table available. Then when we finally got seated, we were informed that "oh we're now on the late night menu" at 8:45pm!! We received the late night menu and there were literally five options to choose from! Instead of having a waitress, we had a manager and it took her forever to get our orders and food. When it was time to pay she took no accountability for the horrible service and food. To put the icing on the cake, we decided to at least try the party since we were there and they tried to make us pay a cover ($5 girls and $20 for guys to come in) when we just had dinner upstairs.
    Take my word and go somewhere else, there are too many good restaurants in Atlanta with excellent service. On a positive note, the venue is nice.

  3. Do not patronize this place!!! The service, food and drinks are horrible. Don't let the atmosphere here fool you. The owner of the bar is very unprofessional, abusive, disrepectful doesn't care about customer service and has a "Napolean Complex". He hates women and will curse you out if you make a complaint or have an issue about the restaurant/bar in front of other clients.

    To make matters worse, the parking is ridiculous. It's an unsafe area and pan handlers will harass you while parking and walking to the restaurant.

    Stay away from have been warned!!!!


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