Monday, May 2, 2011

Do {dough}

Do At The View

955 W. Marietta ST
Atlanta, GA  30318
(404) 541-9060
  • Category: 1st Date Spot, Late Night
  • Cuisine Type: Pizza
  • Fabulosity Ranking: 5/5 {Tantalizing Technology}
  • Price: $
  • Best Dish: Recital Pizza
  • Review: 
Atlanta's hottest new restaurant is Do {pronounced dough} @ The View. A glamorous new pizzeria located in the King Plow Arts Center. Do is a paperless restaurant that allows patrons to order menu items without a server. Yes you read correctly, Do does not have a waitstaff! Instead the musically inspired and tech savvy restaurant has iPads at each of its tables allowing customers to place orders electronically. I think this is brilliant!! Not only does it eliminate server errors it also reduces wait time seeing as all orders are sent directly to the kitchen. Owner Christian Ruffin {A Morehouse College graduate who also studied sound engineering at The Juilliard School} has developed an amazing concept where theatrical lighting, concert sounds, iPads and videos are all fused together to provide the ultimate dining experience. I had the pleasure of attending the Do media opening (grand opening is scheduled for May 5th, 2011) and was especially impressed by the chic elegance of the restaurant's interior design. Do has two levels and a spectacular balcony where customers can get a great view of Atlanta's skyline. When I first arrived at Do, I was greeted by a host who seated me at a table in the main dining room and explained how the iPads worked. From there I was able to singlehandedly review the entire menu complete with pictures and descriptions, place my order, request a specialty cocktail, interact with other customers via the iPad chatroom, and even call the valet to bring my car! Do allows its guests to customize what music they wish to hear and videos they want to see displayed on the walls. Furthermore when I stepped into the restrooms I realized that there were no mirrors. Instead, Do creatively uses the iPad application "photobooth" as a mirror! All of the technology used in the restaurant provides for a seamless and exciting experience. While dining at Do I had the opportunity to sample the Southwestern Flatbread ($6.95) which was topped with juicy chicken breast, corn, black beans, pico de gallo, monterey jack and cheddar cheeses. Do also offers 5 other appetizers called "preludes. The Bruschetta ($5.95) and Garlic Cheese Bites ($3.95) seemed especially tasty. If you are in the mood for something light like a salad you can choose one Do's 6 "interludes". The salad that caught my eye was the Cranberry Pecan and Blue Cheese salad ($5.95).  For your main "feature" there are 12 different pizza options offered at Do. A few menu highlights include the Maestro pizza ($8.50) which is topped with a rich garlic cream sauce, fresh spinach, wild caught shrimp and a special blend of cheeses, and the Ensemble pizza ($7.50) which is topped with roma tomato slices and fresh basil along with Fior di latter mozzarella cheese. Each pizza is a personal size and made with fresh ingredients. Gluten-Free crust pizzas are also available for guest with wheat allergies.  For all those with a sweet tooth Do offers 7 different "finales". I had the pleasure of sampling the Acapella ($5.50) which is a platter of individually wrapped butter pound cakes. In addition I enjoyed the Serenade ($5.50) which was a platter of mouthwatering triple chocolate brownies. So yummy! Not only does Do provide wonderful food the list of cocktails and specialty drinks offered is outstanding. Do offers Mojitos, Margaritas, Sangrias, Martini's, and Spiked Lemonade. Perfect selection for people looking to cool down on a hot Atlanta summer day. My personal favorite was the Berry Gordy martini ($10) which is a refreshing blend of aloe, mint vodka and fresh berries! I hands down suggest all of my readers to visit Do. Atlanta desperately needed a fun and fascinating restaurant where customers could engage more than just their taste buds. I loved that owner Nacasha Ruffin stated "There is a difference between a lounge and a restaurant. Do is a restaurant". I think this is so important! Many "lounges" cheat patrons out of a quality ambiance. Do provides the perfect ambiance for a 1st date as well as a great place to come and grab drinks. Do is open Thursday-Saturday (closing at 1am on Thursday and 2am the following two days).  Do is the true definition of Trendy + Tasty a perfect place for all young professionals looking for an Exclusive Dining Experience!

(Bathroom iPad)

(Southwestern Flatbread)





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  1. What can I say....valet, friendly staff, totally high-tech, great bar and delicious food. A must try. If you have or are a young adult, its the place to go..... even if you are technically challenged :)


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