Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Melting Pot

754 Peachtree Street Northeast
Atlanta, GA 30308

(404) 389-0099

• Category:Special Occasion
• Cuisine Type: Fondue
• Fabulosity Ranking: 4/5
• Price: $$$ {Make a date for dessert ONLY to lower price}
• Best Dish: Flaming Turtle Chocolate Fondue
• Review:

The Melting Pot is hands down one of my favorite restaurants. I am a huge cheese lover (I put it on everything) so the fact that 5 different types of cheese fondue are served at this restaurant really makes me happy :-) 
Fondue is a French dish of melted cheese served in a communal pot over a small burner. You eat fondue with long-stemmed forks that are used to dip bread (and other small pieces of food) into the pot of cheese. What is unique about The Melting Pot is that your appetizer, main dish, and dessert items are all served in "fondue style". This does NOT mean that all of your dishes include "pots of cheese", only your appetizer is a cheese fondue. My family and I chose to dine at The Melting Pot Midtown this past week with a few of our friends who were visiting Atlanta. We started our meal off with two pots of cheese fondue for our appatizer each priced at $15 per pot. My sister's chose the Spinach Artichoke Cheese Fondue which was a mixture of Fontina and Butterkase cheeses, spinach, artichoke hearts and garlic. {Fontina = Italian Cheese and Butterkase = German Cheese} and I choose to order the Cheddar Cheese Fondue which was a mix of aged, medium-sharp Cheddar and Emmenthaler Swiss cheeses, lager beer, garlic and seasonings. Cheddar cheese is my favorite fondue here so I recommend this selection if you want a basic type of fondue and are not to eager to try new types of cheeses. The cheese fondues are prepared right in front of you on the small burners built into your table top. They are also served with sliced bread, vegetables, apples, and tortilla chips for dipping.

After our fondue appetizer we ordered our main dishes. To do this we had to first pick a cooking broth that we would use to cook the raw meet platters served to us. Sounds weird but it's really not. My family and I choose to try the Court Bouillon broth which is homemade, seasoned vegetable broth and the Coq au Vin broth which contains flavors of fresh herbs, mushrooms, garlic spices, and burgundy wine ($6 extra)

Court Bouillon

Coq au Vin
Once we had our broth we had to pick our entree plates. There were six of us dining so we picked three plates of meat and seafood. Each plate comes with an array of fresh vegetables including potatoes, broccoli, and mushrooms. Our first plate was the French Quarter ($20) which included Filet mignon, breast of chicken and shrimp, and seasoned with cajun spices, served with Andouille Sausage. Next we ordered the Signature Selection ($22) which included Filet Mignon, white shrimp, teriyaki-marinated sirloin, breast of chicken and cedar plank salmon. Our last platter was the Pacific Rim ($22) which came with Teriyaki-marinated sirloin, white shrimp, marinated pork tenderloin, breast of duck, breast of chicken and pot stickers. For 6 people this really wasn't enough food. I suggest ordering one more plate of meat. All of the meat is raw and you use a fondue skewer to dip the pieces into the broth to be cooked for 2 minuets. 

For our last course we had to indulge and try the chocolate fondue dessert. The chocolate fondue is what The Melting Pot is famous for. If you dine here you MUST try one of the 8 different types of chocolate fondue. We decided to try the small size ($15) of the Flaming Turtle which is made of milk chocolate, caramel, and chopped pecans and is flambeed right in front of you. Each dessert fondue is served with fresh strawberries, bananas, cheesecake, rice krispie treats, marshmallows, pound cake and brownies for you to dip in your chocolate! :-)


I know this is a long post so i'll wrap up by saying The Melting Pot is a perfect restaurant to celebrate a special occasion like your anniversary. However, it is pretty expensive so if you want to eat here prepare to spend a few bucks. I would suggest to all my friends on strict budgets to dine at the The Melting Pot one evening for just dessert. You and your significant other can enjoy the romantic ambiance and wonderful chocolate fondue for as low as $15. 

Until Next Time....Eat Your ♥ Out!

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