Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Legals Seafood

275 Baker ST NW
Atlanta, GA 30313
(678) 500-3700

• Category: Romantic Evening
• Cuisine Type: Seafood
• Fabulosity Ranking: 3.75/5 {Not Impressed}
• Price: $$$
• Best Dish: Surf & Turf Grilled Filet
• Review:
I'd like to start this post by saying normally poor customer service doesn't completely turn me off from a restaurant. I used to be a server myself so I like to give restaurant staff the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they were having a bad day, maybe the manager wasn't giving them any support - whatever the case may be, if it is my first time at a restaurant and the service sucks I chalk it up as an isolated experience. Now if I return and the service STILL sucks, then you get a big fat F in my book. I want you all as my readers to understand that just because your server sucks, doesn’t mean the restaurant as a whole is terrible. Give the establishment another chance and if you still are unsatisfied then report it to the manager:-)

Now with that being said, my customer service at Legals Seafood was sub-par. My server was very nice and intelligent, but he was overwhelmed with his tables and it resulted in my guest and I being served undercooked food (ultimate mistake for a seafood restaurant), my order being wrong, and a large wait-time for our food. The evening started with us ordering a classic appetizer, Crispy Montauk Calamari in the Rhode Island Style (hot peppers and garlic) $10.95. The calamari was really tasty and came out promptly. In addition to our appetizers we enjoyed a cup of New England Clam Chowder ($4.95) and a bowl of the Maryland Cream of Crab Soup ($6.95). Out of the two I would highly suggest the Maryland Cream of Crab Soup! It came with lumps of whole crab meat and the cream soup component was seasoned perfectly and truly delicious. At this point I was still having a positive time at Legals. But once we ordered our main dishes..everything went downhill sadly. Upon our server's recommendation my guest ordered the Swordfish Center Prime Cut with a side of sweet potato mash and broccoli ($25.95). According to our server the Swordfish is the "Steak of Seafood" {more about this later}. I decided to try the Surf & Turf {a combination platter featuring a Grilled Filet with béarnaise butter and my choice of either Three Double Stuffed Baked Shrimp ($38.95), Grilled Shrimp and Scallops ($38.95) or Steamed 1.25 lb. Lobster ($44.95) in addition to two sides} I know this is a lot of food, but hey..I was hungry! My side items were Mashed Potatoes and Broccoli with Cheese. Originally I ordered the Surf & Turf with Three Double Stuffed Baked Shrimp (jumbo shrimp and buttery crabmeat stuffing). All was well until my server returned a whole 15 minutes later saying the kitchen was out of the double stuffed shrimp. Now being out of an item is no problem, I can understand that - but waiting 15 minutes to tell a party that they needed to make another selection is foolish. I changed my order to include the Steamed 1.25 lb. Lobster. When our food arrived my date bit into his "Steak of Seafood" swordfish only to find that the middle of the fish was not fully prepared. This was aggravating because it meant we had to send his dish back to the kitchen and wait more time for our meals. Now mind you when the swordfish was brought to the table my Surf & Turf was also delivered...BUT WITHOUT THE LOBSTER! The server explained to me that he gave wrong instructions to the chef on how to prepare my lobster ( I asked for them to gut it in the kitchen rather than me doing the hard work at the table). I could really see the server was struggling at this point so i refrained from asking to speak to a manager, i felt bad for the poor guy but nonetheless - I was agitated. Once we were finally delivered ALL of our food we had about 10 min to eat before our movie started. If Legals had not wasted a good 45 min preparing and re-preparing our food properly I would have enjoyed my experience a lot more. When i did have time to sit down and thoroughly enjoy my food I was pleased with how appetizing it was.

Bottom-line : Legals Seafood has great menu items, BUT the poor trained staff makes the dining experience here unpleasant. For how costly the restaurant is i am hesitant to refer people to dine here - I wouldn't want you all to waste your money on an establishment that might make a mistake and ruin your romantic evening.

(When ordering Lobster you have the option of asking the kitchen to clean and "de-gut" the inside of the Lobster so you don't have to do it at your table. I would reccommend this to anyone who has never ordered a whole Lobster before)

Until Next Time....Eat Your ♥ Out!

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