Thursday, December 16, 2010

Varasano's Pizzeria

Varasano's Pizzeria
2171 Peachtree Road NE
Atlanta, GA 30309
(404) 352-8216

• Category: 1st Date Spot, Late Night
• Cuisine Type: Pizza
• Fabulosity Ranking: 4/5 {Intimate & Enticing}
• Price: $$
• Best Dish: Margherita Di Bufala Pizza
• Review: 

The Lord created pizza for food lovers like myself! I ♥♥♥♥ a great slice of pizza, but I REALLY  a sexy pizzeria with a romantic setting for an intimate date. Varasano's Pizzeria gives you just that! The restaurant has an upscale ambiance with quality food to match. Located on Peachtree across from Justin's, Varasano's has been rated one of the "Elite 8" Pizzerias in the United States by Celebrity Chef Rachael Ray and "Best Pizza in Atlanta" by Jezebel Magazine. Needless to say, Varasano's awards speak for the type of classy establishment chef Jeff Varasano has created. When I first arrived at Varasano I was happy to see that the restaurant had its own private parking lot connected to Mezzo Condominiums. This provided for extreme convenience seeing as Peachtree can get really busy during the evenings. When I walked into the restaurant the holiday spirit came over me as the host stand was decorated with Christmas lights and holiday ornaments. The decorations provided an extra thrill to the already dynamic setting. There was a large birthday party celebrating at one of the bigger tables in the restaurant. I appreciated the fact that Varasano's was a multi-functional restaurant. Patrons can use this chic spot to celebrate a birthday, grab a quick drink at the bar, conduct a business lunch, or impress a date on a romantic evening. My guest and I decided to sit in the back of the restaurant near the pizza bar. We were greeted by a chipper server who explained to us the differences between the menu's "saucy" pizza vs. "non saucy". She told us that if you were a sauce lover you should try "Nana's House Special" pie  [topped with mozzarella and tomato sauce with a secret blend of italian herbs] $12.95 and if you were looking for a less saucy pizza to check out the "Salumi" pie [thinly sliced italian cured meats with mozzarella, tomato sauce, and spiced olives] $14.95. She also noted that if you are a fan of cheesy pizza you should try the "Margherita Di Bufala" pie [topped with Imported Bufala Mozzarella, Tomato Sauce and Basil] $15.95. My date wasn't a big fan of cheese (smh) so we decided to go with the Nana's pie and added extra toppings of Pepperoni $1.75  and Mushrooms $1.75. Other toppings include: Sausage With Fennel $2.50, Hot Sopressata $2.75 [Italian cured dry salami], Capocollo $3 [Italian cold cut made from pork], Prosciutto $4, Anchovies $2, Garlic $1, Roasted Red Peppers $2.50, Olives $1.50. The pizza came with 6 decent sized slices on thin crust. I thoroughly enjoyed my pizza but would suggest ordering 2 pies if you have any more than 2 people dining with you. To top off our meal I ordered the Italian Doughnuts [fried dough tossed in sugar and served with a tart raspberry sauce for dipping] $4.95 imagine New Orleans style beignets minus the powdered sugar. The doughnuts were scrumptious and the perfect ending to my meal. If you are trying to impress your date with a romantic evening and fun evening (minus the super fancy attire requirement) I would highly suggest Varasano's Pizza. 

P.S - Varasano's is featured on ScoutMob so my date and I were able to use the 50% off discount on our meal (HELLO PENNY PINCHERS!!) 

P.S.S - Varasano's kitchen is now open until 1AM on Friday and Saturday nights

Until Next Time....Eat Your ♥ Out!

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