Friday, July 16, 2010


1180 Peachtree Street NE
Atlanta, GA 30309
(404) 347-2220

• Category: Upscale Sports Bar
• Cuisine Type: American
• Fabulosity Ranking: 3/ 5
• Price: $$ (but with the scoutmob discount you can get alot of food for the L-O)
• Best Dish: Buffalo Fried Calamari
• Review: 

I drive down Peachtree just about everyday and for some reason never noticed TAP. I was turned on to the place by my friend who raved about the scoutmob 50% off coupon. The words "free" and "discount" make my eyes light up so i had to try out this trendy "gastropub" located on the corner of 14th and peachtree. If your anything like me your probably asking yourself what the hell is a gastropub? Well according to google a "gastropub" is a pub style restaurant that specializes in high-quality food. TAP also specializes in draft beers and wine selections, hence the name. Owned by the same restaurant group who owns Murphy's + Two Urban Licks, TAP is a great place to get together with friends after work. The atmosphere is vibrant and bustling with excitement, flat screens all around making it a great place to watch the game. The food is uber delicious (if you choose the right items). My guest and I started our meal off with the Buffalo Fried Calamari  ($12) which is drizzled with a scrumptious buffalo wing sauce and decorated with blue cheese crumbles and celery. This is a generously sized appetizer which makes it great for sharing. I tried to be cool and try something I'd never had before, so I ordered the Lamb Panini ($10) #FAIL. The sandwich sounded interesting (sliced roasted lamb, goat cheese, basil, arugula, cucumber, lemon, and apple jam) but when i tasted it I cursed myself for not going for a simple burger or the famous Buttermilk Fried Chicken Tacos ($3.5 each). My guest tried to step his game up with the Grand Slam Burger ($13). The grand slam adds a twist to a traditional burger through its fried egg topping along with cheddar cheese bacon, red eye gravy, and sesame bun. He seemed to thoroughly enjoy his meal while I nibbled on my plate. What I can say is that the french fries served with both entrees were delicious. I consider myself a french fry connoisseur and these babies were perfectly cooked and salted. I would highly suggest TAP for the discount they offer. We ordered $40 worth of food but paid $20! Can't beat that! Now for all my ladies, I would highly suggest TAP if your trying to spend some quality time with your man but he seems hesitant in doing the same ol boring dinner date. After dating my share of athletes I learned two things: men love food, and they love sports. So why not take your boy-toy to an upscale sportbar! You will have a good time and so will he!

P.S. : don't try and park on the street there is free valet right in front of the restaurant. 

Until Next Time....Eat Your ♥ Out!

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